#مسلسل_سيلفي_طويل  Long Live the Series Selfie
Saudi Arabia holds the most power over the media of any country in the Arab world, yet not even they are strong enough to get rid of all of their opponents--they have too many preoccupying them might
Not in My Name
In a radio interview I heard last Thursday, an intellectual Pakistani man living in Britain spoke about his transformation from a Muslim belonging to a Salafist family (according to his own
The flag and the shemagh and the many interpretations
The Jordanian state, yet again, has made the error of making decisions behind the scenes, indifferent with regard to the general public. This reflects the lack of attention decision makers have to
Anxiety Among Refugees Amidst Talk of the UNRWA Reducing its Services
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) has made the decision to reduce its services to Palestinian refugees in the areas where it maintains projects: Syria, Lebanon,
The Lessons of Jules Jammal
I wonder about the boy crossing every day, on his way to school, a street in the Dokki district of Cairo. He sees on the wall of one of the buildings a small blue sign that reads, “Jules Jammal Street
Poverty Raises the Rates of Child Labor in the Absence of Statistics
A drop in wages led to a deterioration in the economic situation of the family of the child Mohammed, who became one the thousands of children who, despite their young ages, entered into the labor
Jordan puts the lives of Syrian refugees at risk by forcibly returning them to their country
-Jordan violates international law and the UNHCR has failed to halt the deportations -The Ministry of Interior conceals information and took action to expel 103 workers Once he set foot in the land of
?Have you ever worked with a confident leader
I will never forget what happened to me in my first week of working. It was my first job working in a large, international institution with over 350,000 employees worldwide. I got this work
The embassy and homosexuality
While public anger erupted with regard to the participation of the U.S. Ambassador to Jordan in a meeting to discuss the rights of homosexual and transgender people two weeks ago, none of the protests
?States or Militias
Clashes conceive battles, battles give birth to wars, wars spread death and this continues on, ending with choking on the blood of humans and suffocating on the fires of cities! 50 percent of Syrian