Jordanian MPs Pocket Tenders in the Millions
Radio al Balad uncovers the world of business for the MPs of the 17th parliament · A quarter of a billion dinars for the Majali companies from the government · 128 million for the Attiyeh brothers ·
AmmanNet site back after a one week block
AmmanNet apologizes to its audience because of its absence against its will since Tuesday August 9th 2016. The government imposed block on our site was carried out on a flimsy reason about the site
The Constitutional Court rejects two thirds of the appeals submitted to it
· Ruling against five legislative provisions for being unconstitutional: · Abdullah Ensour was late replying to one fourth of the constitutional appeals. - Senate and the House of Representatives’
تقرير الولايات المتحدة حول انتهاكات حقوق الانسان في الاردن يسرد ما يلي 1.أهم انتهاك حق التعبير وإعتقال صحفيين والتضيق على الاعلام 2.إنتهاك حق الاجتماع والتجمع 3.سوء وضع السجون 4. إعتقالات عشوائية
shaheen's secret paradise
The fund The fund to support investments projects in the Armed and Security Forces was established in a regulation carrying the number 67 in 2004 as published in the official gazette. The fund is
Criminalising electronic journalism in Jordan
Electronic journalism is a new breed of the industry that is in need of legal and administrative defence. This is the conclusion reached by many electronic journalists in Jordan after the latest
Human Rights Council
Incorporation Belonging to the Organization of the United Nations system established by the General Assembly on March 15 / March 2006. The establishment of the Council in the UN reforms proposed by
The High Commissioner urges justice for victims of human rights violations
Today happened to the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Government of Cote d'Ivoire to work to ensure justice for victims of gross human rights violations that occurred before and during the
"Thought and Expression": 184 in violation of foreign journalists in Egypt after the revolution of January
Issued a "freedom of information" program of the institution of freedom of thought and expression, today, a report entitled "journalists and foreign correspondents situation in Egypt in the period
A sit-in in solidarity with the captive Mohammed clucking journalist in Beirut
International campaign of solidarity with prisoners in Israeli jails organized a "Solidarity" and the National Committee for the defense of prisoners and detainees in Israeli jails and the Arab