Rape that is made legal by law
The cancellation of the law that legalized the marriage of the rapist to his victim was a step in the right direction despite being very late. But we are still at the bottom of the barrel if the legal
Yellow Satellite
We thought that the retraction of the print newspapers will also deal a blow to yellow journalism. Yellow journalism which is built on sensational news with lots of lies and exaggerations has now been
Neighborhood committees can initiate change
Neighborhood committees can initiate change It seems that we are still holding on to a state of mind that deals with sustenance and care when we expect from the state political and economic reform. We
To reach late is better: “308”
After the cancellation of clause 308 from Jordan’s Penal Code and after the amendment to clause 98 of the same law I can say that you are welcome to the year 3000 BC. At that time society, according
IPI Concerned about Closure of Al Jazeera Offices
The International Press Institute (IPI) today expressed concern over moves by Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other Arab countries to silence Qatar’s state-funded satellite television network Al Jazeera. On
Advantages of ebooks are overwhelming
Are people willing to trade their paper books with eBooks? One cannot deny that the process of reading has changed vastly over the last few years. Since the introduction of eBooks, many people have
Al Hadalat camp is outside any coverage
International aid is scattered and camp is not connected to the outside world Following the attack on the Rukban camp inside the Syrian territory on June 21, Jordan closed its borders officially along
Tawjihi Certificate given to Syrian refugees is worthless
After two years of hard work and long hours daily of studying, Emad Bader el Deen 20 year old Syrian refugee in Jordan received his tawjihi (high school matriculation) certificate for the temporary
King spent 109 days outside of Jordan on 23 official visits
The agenda of King Abdullah II in 2016 was very crowded with visits outside the country. He concluded the year with a personal visit resulting in 30% of the year outside a 5% increase from last year.
FinTech in Banking Field
Almost every field, every business, every minute thing in our lives has been disrupted by technology in some way or another. Companies are putting finances, human resource and research to discover