Jordan witnesses the largest Opera production in its capital Amman, Opera Aida by Amman Opera Festival

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The biggest show yet! Amman Opera Festival for its 5th anniversary presents the world famous opera, Aida at Amman Academy theatre starring Zeina Barhoum as Aida from Jordan, Riccardo Gatto as Radames, Federico De Antoni as the King of Egypt from Italy, Cristina del Barrio as Amneris from Spain, in the cast Opera trained Jordanian Sopranos Talia Ghosheh and Sara Barakat and Jordanian tenors Graziano Issa, Abdallah Kayyali and Raja Outaqui and many other international artists. Accompanied by The International Opera Aida Choir and Monferrato Classic Orchestra conducted by Claudio Morbo and directed by Fabio Bounocore.

Special thanks to The Crown Prince Foundation, Darwazah Foundation, IGI, Jordan Tourism Board, official carrier Royal Jordanian, The Greater Amman Municipality, Zalatimo Sweets, Zain Telecom and the UNWFP. 

Zeina Barhoum, Founder of the Festival's vision for AOF is creating solid grounds for a new but growing and sustainable Opera culture in Jordan. Moreover, the aim of the festival is to include the local community, create impact on a cultural and educational level as well as bridge cultures through the universal language, music.

AOF's educational programme, "An Eye on Music in Education", which this year will be carried out through a workshop open for students in collaboration with Amman Academy, and will be conducted as an eye opener on the importance of cultural education, theatre and the history of opera, assisting in turn in discovering new talent in the country interested in carrying out a career in the field as well as providing a platform for vocational opportunities for singers and individuals interested in pursuing a career in the performing arts and the world of opera. Furthermore, AOF is activating it’s humanitarian collaboration this year through the festival’s founder, Zeina Barhoum, an advocate of the UNWFP, with the United Nations World Food Programme, where tailors from the refugee local community, will be hired to assist the costume manager in preparing the costumes for the show for the big cast of the opera.

Amman Opera Festival after its launch in 2017 showcasing the opera La Traviata and marking its presence as the first opera festival in the Arab World, celebrated 3 other milestones in 3 different theatres in our beloved capital, Amman. Amman's stages including the Cultural Palace, embraced La Boheme in 2018, Barber of Seville in 2019 and La Traviata introducing the festival's renaissance post covid, in 2022 at AA Theatre.


An award winning theatre that has been built to acoustically accommodate a full opera performance without the necessity of amplification making it the perfect home for Opera productions and the first functioning opera house in the country. We are therefore looking forward to yet another milestone at AA Theatre and to adorning it's stage, celebrating our 5th anniversary, showcasing the world famous opera Aida on the 25th, 27th and 28h of October 2023.


The opening night, the 25th of October 2023, will fall on World Opera Day making it a special evening for the festival.

Tickets are available on and at Cozmo 7th circle. You can call +962799822446  for more info. 

Dont forget to wow us with your Red Carpet outfits celebrating our 5th anniversary! You are welcome to arrive early at 6 30 PM where several surprises and announcements would be awaiting you in the theatre’s piazza and foyer. Theatre doors open at 7 30 and show starts at 8 PM. 

About the Founder, Zeina Barhoum

Zeina Barhoum is an award-winning opera singer and UNWFP advocate. In 2017, she founded the Amman Opera Festival, the first opera-focused festival in the Arab world under the patronage of HRH Princess Muna Al Hussein.

She has performed on some of the world’s most prestigious stages and venues including Kensington Palace, Hofburg Palace, Cadogan Hall, UNESCO Paris, Rimini Opera and Campidoglio in Italy, and several other venues in Austria, the UK, France, Ukraine, China, Jordan, the UAE and Lebanon. She has performed with several renowned artists that include Italian baritone and tutor Walter Alberti and Roberto Alagna, the acclaimed successor of Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli.

Zeina represented Jordan in 6 continents on World Opera Day in 2020 in collaboration with Opera for Peace and UNESCO. She also represented Jordan in the classical music and pop genres in the Sound of the Xity Festival in which over 30 countries participated. The festival was organised by the government of the People’s Republic of China in 2020 and 2021.

Zeina has now launched her Alcantara album series which carried the message of bridging cultures through music in a variety of languages.

Zeina will be releasing a song in a musical feature film she wrote and composed titled "Petra".

About the Theatre, Amman Academy Theatre

The AA Theatre is the first acoustically functional opera house, concert hall and multi-purpose theatre in Jordan. This multi-dimensional theatre offers a vibrant space where

artists, performers, and innovators can collaborate and develop. The splendor of the theatre

hints at baroque-era theatres with its burgundy and bronze tones complemented by a

contemporary design. 

The theatre has already won the 2022 Innavation Award for Leisure and Entertainment.

The technical aspects of the project were spearheaded and installed by theatre systems integrators International New Technical Est. (INTE).   

With its exceptional design, intelligent audio, visual systems, 12 motorized heads, a comprehensive rigging system, 20 sqm LED screen, 250 lighting fixtures and built-in orchestra pit for 30 musicians, the AA Theatre is an adaptable, world-class space that will immerse audiences and captivate minds across the country. It is the curtain call we have all been waiting for.

Let’s talk more about the AA Theatre

The vision of the AA Theatre is to serve its students and the country through drama, music, and

the arts. It was a gift from Munzer Fahoum, the founder of Amman Academy. The national and

international performances that will take place for all to enjoy will further expand the cultural scene in the country, making it a key patron of the arts and culture in Jordan.


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