HIMAM" encourages employees of International NGOs to report political bullying"

HIMAM the Civil Society Coalition in Jordan has called on employees of international organizations working in Jordan to file complaints if they are subjected to harassment due to their position on the Israeli occupation’s aggression against the Gaza Strip.

HIMAM which includes a wide range of Jordanian civil society organizations in various fields, offered to provide free legal assistance to any employee who is subject to dismissal or harassment.

 atharak "press statement"

The "atharak" group to support the resistance and confront normalization denounced "foreign organizations in Jordan putting pressure on their employees to extract from them positions supportive of Zionist terrorism."

The group said in a press statement, “Since the beginning of the battle, Al-Aqsa Flood, some foreign organizations operating in Jordan, which have always deceived us and misled our societies by falsely promoting freedom, “liberal” values, human rights, democracy, and social democracy, and other false slogans, began to put pressure on their employees, As we mentioned, our group maintains evidence supported by some complaints that we received from some of its employees. The pressure is in two directions: 
That the employees take positions and convictions that condemn and denounce the resistance and reject “violence” from it, and the second direction is that the employees be prohibited from writing, publishing, or sharing any position that supports the Palestinian cause or stands in solidarity with it.”
"These organizations did not previously dare to take political positions against the Zionist crime that did not stop. Rather, they were working against the national interests of our country and our peoples, and today they and their international centers supporting them are demonstrating, beyond any room for doubt, their blatant bias towards the Zionist aggression and its terrorism, striking the show of Wall all international humanitarian agreements, norms and covenants that stipulate the right of resistance to ward off aggression and occupation.”

أضف تعليقك