Killer of elderly woman in Jabal Amman arrested

Killer of elderly woman in Jabal Amman arrested

Security forces Monday afternoon apprehended a 19 year old Arab national, identified as the killer of an elderly woman in Jabal Amman after robbing her house.

In the details, Press Spokesman of the Public Security Directorate (PSD), Major Muhammad Khatib, said that 'security instinct' of a Criminal Investigation Patrol unit led to the arrest of a young man in Jabal Amman around noon on Monday after finding him suspicious for walking nervously carrying a big bag.

The patrol stopped him and after searching him, found the bag to contain stolen cameras.

Criminal Investigation apprehended the man at Zahran Police Station for initial investigation, in which he admitted stealing cameras and other materials from a house in Shemeisani.

When the police went to the Shemeisani house, they discovered that the robber had lied to them, misleading them to cover up another crime.

At the time of initial investigation, police dispatch announced finding a woman in her eighties killed in Rainbow Street in Jabal Amman, leading police to link the young man's robbery with the woman's death.

The man later confessed to robbing the house after he tied the elderly woman up and chocked her until she died.

Khatib said that the maid living with the woman had called the police after finding her employer killed in her house.

The Public Prosecutor launched a full investigation into the details of the crime.

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