Jordanian Citizenship Revoked: The Human Toll Of Politics
“Jordan is playing politics with the basic rights of thousands of its citizens, Officials are denying entire families the ability to lead normal lives with the sense of security that most citizens of
A Penny For Your SMS
I wasn’t considering this issue a serious matter for discussion, up until the moment it proved itself to be. Lately I presume many have been receiving the commercial messages that telecommunication
The libel laws and Irish bloggers
It’s been a careful week in the Irish blogosphere. News of a major libel settlement by an Irish blogger first began to filter around Irish bloggers after a piece by Trevor Butterworth in Forbes
Al-Sabeel newspaper correspondent in Zarqa apprehended
Public Security Directorate in the Vehicle Registration Administration in Zarqa has apprehended Khaleel Qandeel, Al-Sabeel newspaper correspondent in Zarqa, during shooting pictures for the crowds
Jordan Nurses Association asks for certificates authentication
The Ministry of Education has asked the Nurses Association for authentication of certificates of foreign nurses working in private hospitals in Jordan. The Ministry has indicated in its letter sent to
Banks in Jordan... The importance of the foreign financing
Banks in Jordan have announced that they are ready to finance some environmental projects in the fields of nuclear, solar, or wind energy. In this regard, Association of Banks in Jordan will hold an
Authorities rush to contain oil spill near Aqaba
AMMAN - Authorities late Thursday were trying to contain an oil slick near Aqaba that emerged earlier in the day, as investigations were still under way to determine the source of the spill and its
Learning from others
For the last few days, together with several Jordanian colleagues, I have been struggling to cope with sub-zero temperatures in "frozen" Poland, a Central European country with a dynamic population of
It is not just corruption
Few, if any, were shocked by the news that senior Palestinian officials close to President Mahmoud Abbas were involved in various kinds of corruption. One report after another has revealed corruption
Killer of elderly woman in Jabal Amman arrested
Security forces Monday afternoon apprehended a 19 year old Arab national, identified as the killer of an elderly woman in Jabal Amman after robbing her house. In the details, Press Spokesman of the