Local Leaders in Marj al Hamam Congratulate Evangelical leader

الرابط المختصر

The local security council of Marj al Hamam congratulated Monday Reverend Habis Nimat for being chosen as the new president of the Jordan Evangelical Council at his home.

The council, made up of tribal leaders, security and government officials, former MPs and community leaders expressed their pride in the election of one of their own by saying that the move reflects the strong ties within the Jordanian community. Of special importance, they said was the positive role that the pastor has shown through the church in supporting local initiatives.  The most prominent of which is the establishment of the Alliance Academy.

Reverend Habis who has been a member of the Marj al Hamam security council for ten years said the visit reflects strong ties calling it “an honor to serve citizens and the homeland.”

Welcoming the visitors was also the deputy head of the Evangelical Council Reverend David Rihani who noted the appreciation by the entire Evangelical council and said that the world needs to see the strong ties that Jordanians have. “People around the world need to observe that all Jordanians are united behind the wise leadership of His Majesty the King.”

Local officials and church leaders including Latin Bishop William Shomali and others have also congratulated Reverend Nimat.

Evangelical churches have been working in Jordan since the early twentieth century. The Jordan Evangelical Council was established in 2006. It is made up of the Baptist Church, Assemblies of God, Evangelical Free Church, Nazarene Evangelical Church, and the Alliance Evangelical Church.

Evangelical churches also provide social services in the areas of education, health, humanitarian support, refugee aid, prison visits, and senior citizen support.

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