The detention of a number of activists Sunday in the vicinity of the National Human Rights Center who were trying to deliver a complaint about the arbitrary measures of the security towards activists
Jordan’s Baptists Support Hashemite Custodianship and denounce Christian Zionists
The leader of Jordan’s Baptists has publicly supported the Hashemite Custodianship of Jerusalem’s holy places and has denounced Christian Zionists. Reverend Suheil Madanat president of the Jordan
No Country for Palestinians
The Israeli general election should have given Israelis an opportunity to choose between war and peace. Instead, Israelis will have a choice between war and more war, between occupation and more
AmmanNet exclusive: U.S. Peace Plan is 60 pages long
Washington- The American peace plan that is expected to be made public after the 9th of April Israeli elections is reportedly made up of sixty pages. Reliable media sources in the US capital told
King Abdullah stands strong on Jerusalem
It's unusual for senior politicians to speak in absolutes. They normally qualify their statements, leaving themselves an escape in case circumstances change. But what happened in the industrial
EU and UNESCO support free expression through radio
With funding support from the European Union, UNESCO representative in Jordan and the European Union ambassador attended the opening of the new radio Al Balad studios in Amman last Sunday. As part of
280,000 Jordanians visited Turkey last year
The Turkish ambassador to Jordan Murat Karagöz said that 280,000 Jordanians visited Turkey last year for shopping, tourism and real estate purchases considering this a record. He hailed the -Istanbul
Questions and Answers regarding Jordan’s protests and possible scenarios
Question: Which sector will be the most hurt by the new income tax law? Answer : those with individual salaries of less than 8,000 JD and families with 16,000 JD will not be affected directly. The
Jordanian dry yogurt gets sweet deal
When , round, white truffles with the salty taste of dried yogurt, many Jordanians thought he was joking. Sartawi, with his partner Nadine Othman at White Design House, posted the chocolates on social
Community Media Network and ARTAfor Media & Developmentsign MOUto train Syrian journalists
Community Media Network(CMN), and the Syrian ARTA For Media & Development (ARTA) signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at increasing cooperation between the two organizations in the areas of