Taxed To Death In Jordan: But Is The Government Tightening Its Own Belt?
With a gigantic deficit of at least JD1.4 billion on our back, it seems that pointing out the country is drowning in debt is simply an understatement these days. While some are asking where that money
Drafting new law against torture
Law Group for Human Rights (Mizan) is working on drafting a new law against torture in penitentiaries and police stations for the purpose of gathering all torture-linked laws under one legislation.
Ministry of Health justifies blood units fees decision
The decision of the government to collect fees from patients for blood units sent to hospitals has faced protests from Doctors Union and the heads of governmental and private hospitals associations
American citizen from Arab origins commits suicide
American citizen from Arab origins Mohamad M. (55) years has committed suicide by shooting himself at the head in his apartment in Nau'r. Nau'r District Attorney Mohammad Abu Al-Ghanam has order the
Jordanian Citizenship Revoked: The Human Toll Of Politics
“Jordan is playing politics with the basic rights of thousands of its citizens, Officials are denying entire families the ability to lead normal lives with the sense of security that most citizens of
A Penny For Your SMS
I wasn’t considering this issue a serious matter for discussion, up until the moment it proved itself to be. Lately I presume many have been receiving the commercial messages that telecommunication
The libel laws and Irish bloggers
It’s been a careful week in the Irish blogosphere. News of a major libel settlement by an Irish blogger first began to filter around Irish bloggers after a piece by Trevor Butterworth in Forbes
Al-Sabeel newspaper correspondent in Zarqa apprehended
Public Security Directorate in the Vehicle Registration Administration in Zarqa has apprehended Khaleel Qandeel, Al-Sabeel newspaper correspondent in Zarqa, during shooting pictures for the crowds
Jordan Nurses Association asks for certificates authentication
The Ministry of Education has asked the Nurses Association for authentication of certificates of foreign nurses working in private hospitals in Jordan. The Ministry has indicated in its letter sent to
Banks in Jordan... The importance of the foreign financing
Banks in Jordan have announced that they are ready to finance some environmental projects in the fields of nuclear, solar, or wind energy. In this regard, Association of Banks in Jordan will hold an