A Wave of Freedom.. The Reports of Ammannet are Independent – a Rarity in the Arab World
The Reports of Ammannet are Independent – a Rarity in the Arab World A white office building in the Jordanian capital, surrounded by inconspicuous looking office-entrances and some low-key import
Islamic Action Front opens file of Jordanian detainees in KSA
The death of the Jordanian detainee in Saudi Arabia Mohammad Amin Al-Nimrat shed the light on Jordanian detainees in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as Freedom and Human Rights Committee of the Islamic
Cat food is tax-free, Jordanians basic needs are not
In one-of-a-kind paradox the government imposed 30% taxes plus 16% VAT on a basic material just like green wheat freekeh, while cat food is being exempted from tax entirely, according to logs of Food
Farhan: Israel adding Ibrahimi Mosque to heritage requires alert
Islamic Action Front secretary-general Isaac Farhan considered Zionist Entity adding both the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron and Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem to its list of Jewish traditional sites a 'major
The Early Word: Another Health Care Plan
President Obama plans to offer up his own health care proposal on Monday, a few days ahead of the health care summit he’s hosting on Thursday, which will be televised. Details of the president’s
Liberal Conspiracy
So The Observer really rained on New Labour's parade, deflecting attention away from Saturday's policy launch and onto whether Gordon Brown is a dominating, paranoid, near-psychopathic bully. Let's
Public security officer beat at King Hussein Bridge
Public security officer has been beat at King Hussein Bridge at the hands of three persons who own private cars working at the bridge. They beat him after he stopped one of them from carrying
Al-Sabeel newspaper correspondent in Zarqa brought to GID
Security apparatus has re-apprehended Al-Sabeel newspaper correspondent in Zarqa Khaleel Qandeel, few hours after being released on a JD 5000 bail. The newspaper stated that the preventive security
Falling Behind: Religion and Education in the Arab World
There are several political, social and cultural factors, which stand in the way of Arab societies from reaching the level of development in the industrialized world. The two main factors are the
Taxed To Death In Jordan: But Is The Government Tightening Its Own Belt?
With a gigantic deficit of at least JD1.4 billion on our back, it seems that pointing out the country is drowning in debt is simply an understatement these days. While some are asking where that money