Thirteen Rotarians pinned in newly chartered Amman International

الرابط المختصر

The newly chartered Rotary Club of Amman International celebrated Saturday the pinning of 13 new members in a festive gala dinner held at the Bristol Hotel.

Club President Samuel Kakish, a 22 year veteran of Rotary in Jordan and  president of the newly chartered club, carried out the pinning of the new members.


The chartering of the club, which has been operating as a provisional club since October 2021, was publicly declared at the District 2452 Rotary conference held in the Armenian capital Yerevan in May.


Newly pinned members are: Jamie Haddad, Omar Samawi, Daoud Kuttab, Samaan Hamam, Terry Rhodes, JP Brooks, Brad Regul, Dan Russel, Georgette Samawi, Asem Shawwa, Reem Abu Qura, Tim Clark, and Laurence Garnette. More members, who were unable to make it, will be pinned in coming weeks.


Samuel Kakish spoke about the direction of the new club saying it will be an English-speaking club made up of a true mix of locals and expats. “We are hoping that this club will be like the Jordanian mosaic, of different colors and shapes but when put together they make a beautiful portrait.”


Rotary Club of Amman International makes the number of rotary clubs in Jordan 12.


Rotary has over 40,000 clubs around the world boasting aboutb1.4 million members. Rotary is a humanitarian service organization that take seriously the motto Service Above Self.


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