A new forum of independent journalists in Jordan was launched

الرابط المختصر

A new forum of independent journalists in Jordan was launched September 11th in a move that will hopefully provide relief to tens of freelance journalists.

More than thirty participants from different journalistic fields, platforms and from different geographic locations, met at the French Cultural Center in Amman. They were invited by the Paris-based  Sahafa Med NGO, the Jordanian Community Media Network and Madraj an NGO supporting start up media projects.

David Hivet an expert on Media and director of a media NGO in France, said that Sahafa Med with support from the European Union provides all the support needed to protect, support and ensure that freelance and independent journalists are able to find the needed resources to be sustained. He said that the International Federation of Journalists is interested in supporting freelance journalist in Jordan so long as they are a considerable group.

Daoud Kuttab director general of Community Media Network said that after a preliminary meeting last spring at CMN’s offices, the response this time shows that there is a real thirst for this type of association which he said is not a union and does not aim at taking anyone’s place. “As media managers we are signing our own death certificate as you sign your birth certificate. He encourages attendees to work and support each other and ensure that all freelance journalists can feel that they have a home.

Freelance journalist Mohammed Ersan moderated the session engaging with participants about their needs and priorities and suggesting practical ways to move ahead. At the end of the session a seven-person temporary committee was agreed upon to prepare the internal bylaws and to articulate criteria for who can join the group and who would be eligible for an international press card from IFJ.

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