GOLA with help from Rotary gives the Gift of life to Children

Now that he was out of the operating room and recovering well in the ICU, tears of joy and gratitude fell on his parents' cheeks.


Doctors were also able to heal a large hole in the heart of 11-month-old Palestinian Ahmed. His worried parents were beside him in the intensive care unit, their eyes teary-eyed when he started breathing normally.”


Ahmad was born with a large hole in his heart. Today, he is one of 11 children who underwent open-heart surgery during this campaign. Ahmed is recovering well with his father at his bedside.


Two-year-old Muhannad is recovering well from heart surgery. Muhannad was born with a congenital heart defect that obstructs blood flow to the aorta.


The 9-year-old girl “Malak” from Palestine also has a story about her brothers. Hardworking, she loves mathematics and art and practices them by preparing videos for social media.  She suffered from a chest infection, and when she was examined, the doctors discovered that her small heart had a large hole that made her tired and hindered her growth. She was picked up by the Gift of Life Association in Amman, where they provided medical help. With a surgical operation on her crippled heart, they closed the hole in Malak’s heart. She is now able to return to her love of dance, art, and love of life.


The medical team from Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis was led by Dr. Mark Tarantine, a pediatric heart surgeon. He is assisted in the operating room by Dr. Maha Al-Qazim, pediatric cardiologist Tim Cordis, intensive care physician Riyad Lutfi, two intensive care nurses Sheila and Becca, and Dr. Khaled Al-Salaimeh, pediatric cardiologist consultant for the Gift of Life Association, who supervises cases and performs catheterization operations.



A perfect eleven successful heart surgeries have now been concluded thanks to volunteer doctors and support from Rotarians both in Jordan and abroad.


It is noteworthy that the Gift of Life Association, known by its English letters GOLA, is a charitable association founded in 2006 that contributes to funding necessary operations for children, as the association has helped save the lives of hundreds of children.


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