Vincent O’Neill the new ambassador of Ireland to Jordan paid a visit to Community Media Network/ Radio al Balad and met with the general manager Daoud Kuttab Kuttab said that the meeting focused on
by Daoud Kuttab A major social Fault line was suddenly revealed this past week when the online film content giant Netflix debuted its first Netflix original Arabic series “Jinn.” The series filmed in
Beni Goldenheart, the founder and Chairman of the Hispanic Communications Network in the U.S. visited radio al Balad in Amman Monday while on a regional tour that includes Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and
The Advisory Commission of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) met in Jordan on 17-18 June to discuss support for the Agency as it continues to
As someone whose worked in the realm of Arab ‘content’ for the last 18 years, I can say with some confidence that self censorship is the bane of our Arab existence on small screens; followed swiftly
prosecutor’s office on Saturday said it launched an investigation into a series which started airing on Netflix and caused a public uproar in the Kingdom, a senior judicial source said. The
Netflix’s first Arabic original series is causing an upset among some Jordanians, with a prosecutor asking the country’s cybercrimes unit to investigate it and take action. The show, Jinn, is a young
Jordanians celebrated the 20th anniversary of King Abdullah II's ascension to the throne on Sunday, a period of rule that has not been easy. Authorities organised events under the title "we are all
The detention of a number of activists Sunday in the vicinity of the National Human Rights Center who were trying to deliver a complaint about the arbitrary measures of the security towards activists
The general assembly of IPI voted on two resolutions denouncing the continued detention of AL Jazeera reporter Mahmoud Hussein whom the Egyptian courts ordered that he be released. IPI also issued a