Mosaic radio program featuring Jordan’s pluralism
On the folkloric music, and wearing their national customus and serving their popular foods, three Jordanian ethnic groups (Circassians, Chechnyans and Kurds) celebrated Tuesday Febr 12 th their
Syrians and Jordanians trained in radio skills
Seven Syrians and three Jordanians concluded Tuesday a five-day radio skills training program at Community Media Network. The program funded by the Canadian government aims to empower Syrian refugees
The Six-Nation Arab Retreat at the Dead Sea. Why now?
With the conclusion of the Six-nation Arab retreat in the Dead Sea for Arab foreign ministers, politicians are questioning the extent to which these countries can come up with solutions to Arab and
UNRWA Launches 2019 Emergency Appeals and Budget Requirement Totaling US$ 1.2 billion
The Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), Pierre Krähenbühl, today called for a total of US$ 1.2 billion to fund the
Syrian Acting Ambassador: Jordan raises the level of diplomatic representation in Syria
Aloush: Jordanian-Syrian relations should be distinct nevertheless the reality of the situation does not reflect this Aloush: There are those who don’t have an interest in bringing together Arab
EU and UNESCO support free expression through radio
With funding support from the European Union, UNESCO representative in Jordan and the European Union ambassador attended the opening of the new radio Al Balad studios in Amman last Sunday. As part of
Ten Jordanian NGOs receive human rights media grants
Ten Jordanian civil society organizations - winners of a sub grant competition aimed at using media to advance human rights - signed grant agreements totaling 250,000 Euros in the presence of the
280,000 Jordanians visited Turkey last year
The Turkish ambassador to Jordan Murat Karagöz said that 280,000 Jordanians visited Turkey last year for shopping, tourism and real estate purchases considering this a record. He hailed the -Istanbul
Canada supports Syrian radio program in Jordan
The Embassy of Canada will be supporting Syrian refugees in Jordan through a radio training and broadcast program. The Ambassador of Canada, H.E. Peter MacDougall signed Thursday a grant to Community
Spain plans a major regional tourism project that includes Jordan
The Spanish government is planning a major tourism strategic project for the Middle East which will include Jordan, ambassador to Jordan Aranzazu Banon told the Cosmopolitan Rotary Club in Amman