Hispanic Network founder visits Radio al Balad

الرابط المختصر

Beni Goldenheart, the founder and Chairman of the Hispanic Communications Network in the U.S. visited radio al Balad in Amman Monday while on a regional tour that includes Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Palestine.

Goldenheart says he is happy to network with fellow media entrepreneurs who give high importance to human rights issues. “I am excited to touch base with friends in the Arab world and to exchange idea of how we can all use radio with interactive talk formats, film, video and social media to engage with people and raise awareness about our shared human rights.  Sharing reports from independent journalist and including excerpts of each other’s programs and personalities on our different platforms expands all of our audiences and empowers more people with information they need to improve their lives and contribute to their communities."

Daoud Kuttab director general of Community Media Network which runs Radio al Balad and Ammannet news site said that the visit of the American media activist provides a unique chance for sharing ideas and finding solutions to mutual challenges. “We are both producing quality content often in association with non-commercial, non-profit organizations who serve the public, so exploring ways to share content and ideas for ways the public can support and engage with independent media helps everyone.”  

Hispanic Communications Network is headquartered in the National Press Building in Washington, DC and in addition to its 24/7 stream of content on www.laredhispana.org, it provides daily public interest and educational content to 100 full time, full power radio stations covering the entire United States with 10 million weekly active listeners.  


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