Hosted by the French Institute of Jordan, the Micro-Folie is a digital museum that offers access to masterpieces displayed in major French cultural institution
Jordanian teachers claimed victory on Saturday night after agreeing to end their four-week strike, which has badly disrupted schooling in the kingdom. Representatives of the teachers and the
Callers to a recent radio show about taxi workers in Jordan had many questions, including: Why are taxi drivers classified as independent contractors rather than as employees who are eligible for
With the strike of the Teachers’ Union now in its third consecutive week, and in the absence of any signs of a breakthrough, and as students continue to miss school, there is a renewed legal and
World-known Christian thinker Ravi Zacharias joined nearly 500 Jordanians and visitors to dedicate the meeting hall in the Alliance Academy Jordan (AAJ) in Yadouda south of Amman. After the national
by Daoud Kuttab When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Sept. 10 that he plans to annex the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank if he wins in the legislative elections today,
Jordan is ratcheting up its diplomatic offensive against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement that he will annex major chunks of occupied West Bank territories if he wins the Sept. 17
Jabal Luweibdeh, one of the seven hills of Amman, has become a battleground between artistic and business interests. Artists from this picturesque neighborhood are fighting to save the area from being
The local security council of Marj al Hamam congratulated Monday Reverend Habis Nimat for being chosen as the new president of the Jordan Evangelical Council at his home. The council, made up of
The foreign affairs committee in the UK parliament has issued a detailed report about the state of the media around the world which included strong language for holding perpetuators-including