The US-Jordan Defence Cooperation Agreement is not new

الرابط المختصر

Amman Net has learned that the defense cooperation agreement signed between Jordan and the US is an updated version of a 1966 status of forces agreement that was signed during the reign of the late King Hussein. The US embassy in Amman had sent a letter to the Jordanian foreign ministry requesting approval of special status to the US military forces stationed in Jordan.

The letter was issued on April 4th and the foreign ministry replied approvingly on April 10th. Khaled Falah Madadha was Jordan’s top diplomat at the time.

The US has signed similar status of forces agreements with many nations as it is customary for countries that deploy military forces to do so.

Jordan is hoping that this agreement will improve the chances for the US to spend money and invest in Jordan with such a clear legal framework, Ammannet has learned from a business source.


See the US embassy 1996 letter and the Jordanian foreign ministry response here.

see the original news item in Arabic here.

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