Statement by Civil Society Coalition HIMAM on recent activists’ arrests in Jordan

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The detention of a number of activists Sunday in the vicinity of the National Human Rights Center who were trying to deliver a complaint about the arbitrary measures of the security towards activists a stark violation of human rights that are guaranteed by the Jordanian constitution and international conventions.


HIMAM the coalition of Jordanian civil society organization denounces the arrests of protestors Sunday attempting to reach the doors of the National Human Rights Center and to hold a peaceful demonstration outside its gates. Security forces tried four consecutive times to break up the protest with the aim of preventing them from carrying out their right of reaching the center and declaring their opinions. They wanted to express their opinions about the actions of the security forces aimed at narrowing the freedom of expression and opinion regarding their sons who are detained and who are facing general accusations regarding their political positions. This action by the security created a barrier between the Center and its ability to carry out its constitutional and legal role.


HIMAM is concerned about these actions and the arbitrary arrests of protestors and media personnel who were carrying out their professional responsibilities to cover the protests and to document it. This harsh action aimed at detaining protestors is a violation of the constitutional rights of citizens and their right to expression and opinion. Furthermore, HIMAM warns that this escalating action by the security forces is threatening the pillars of freedoms and rights that Jordan is based on and for which the repeated Royal visions to the successive governments have called for its protection. These rights are also enshrined in the Jordanian constitution.


The Jordanian government is called herby by HIMAM to take it responsibility of protecting human rights. HIMAM also calls for an end to the efforts to shut down the space give to protestors who are carrying their guaranteed rights. Those who are escalating the situation and who are violating constitutional rights in an illogical and unjustifiable act must be held responsible.


HIMAM calls on the relevant authorities to carry out their commitments for reform and to pay attention to the legal and rights issue with an eye of guaranteeing space for the freedom of expression as the way forward for a flourishing, honest and sustainable Jordan.

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