European woman files complaint against her former Jordanian lawyer

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A European citizen filed an official complaint to the Jordan Bar Association, Sunday after she discovered that her former lawyer (the name is with us) did not inform her about the trial sessions even though the lady judge asked to hear her testimony numerous times.

In the complaint, Marketa Studena a Czech citizen also states that her former lawyer, after receiving all his fees, had asked her to drop the charges against her ex-husband because “there is high corruption in the government and the judicial system.”

Studena has been banned to travel after returning to Jordan to seek justice. Studena who had retired after 16 years of work as a senior member of the Emirates Airline had initially moved to Jordan after meeting and marrying a Jordanian man who solicited tourism services to the Middle Eastern airlines staff.

She left two months after she discovered that he had robbed her of her savings, committed cybercrime against her and constantly threatened her. The ban from travel banned from travel was issued after a botched up defence by her firs lawyer. In that case her ex-husband produced what she calls “a fraudulent promissory notes in which he claims even more money than what he had taken from her.” A new lawyer is contesting the case.

The former Emirates Airline employee, now a certified teacher, says that “after 12 months she has not received her dowry, the stolen cash and the jewelry she left behind when she had to leave Jordan after several serious threats she received. Ms. Studena has supplied the cybercrime police division with the recordings of sexual and physical harm threats including the threats of death.

In the statement, she says that she is 'being extorted and have no one in Jordan to resort to”.

A statement by her current British employer was also submitted to the Bar Association verifying her claims

Marketa Studena approached AmmanNet and a senior staff person immediately took her to Amman's governor's office who recommended that she submits a complaint to the bar association and the cybercrime police unit.

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