EU VP : Jordan Pillar of Stability

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The vice president of the European Union Mr. Margarisas Shinas gave the following statement on the relations of Europe with Jordan and the Palestinian issue:


* Jordan is a key partner of the EU, now more than ever. It has a vital role in the region and we commend Jordan’s tireless peace efforts.

* The EU fully acknowledges the risks and challenges posed to Jordan by a very unstable and unpredictable region.

* The EU commends Jordan’s political and economic resilience; it is truly remarkable. Jordan can count on EU’s sustained solidarity and support, as it is making steady progress in the implementation of the triple modernisation process led by HM King Abdullah: political, economic, public administration.

2. On migration and the Brussels Syria conference

* The EU commends Jordan’s extraordinary generosity in hosting for decades large numbers of refugees, including Palestinian refugees and most recently refugees fleeing the war in Syria.

* ⁠The international community also needs to fulfil its responsibility and continue to support Jordan and other host countries. This is what the EU is committed to do.

* Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, the EU has played a prominent role. As the largest donor to Syria and the region, the EU has provided more than €33 billion in humanitarian, development, economic and stabilisation aid.

* In May 27th, at the 8th edition of the Brussels Conference on Syria, hosted by the EU, the EU and its Member Stated pledged a further €6 billion, out of a total € 7.5 billion (75% of the total pledges!).

* [Since 2011, the EU supports Jordan shouldering the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis with €3.5 billion of humanitarian, resilience and macro-financial assistance.]

* EU support to Syrian refugees in Jordan focuses on providing access to basic services, such as education, health, social protection and self-reliance (livelihood opportunities), both inside the camps (Azraq and Zaatari) and in host communities. The EU has also always been mindful to direct part of this support to vulnerable Jordanian communities as well (in line with the 70-30% ratio set by the Jordanian Government).

3. On Israel and Gaza

* Our immediate priority is to re-double coordinated efforts to achieve an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, release of all hostages held by Hamas and unimpeded humanitarian acess.

We agree that Israel has to stop its operation in Rafah to prevent further human suffering. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is appalling. We insist on the need to abide by international law, protect all civilians and ensure humanitarian access.

* We commend Jordan’s leadership and humanitarian efforts (through airdrop operations and the creation of a land corridor). The Humanitarian Conference for Gaza which HM King Abdullah will host on 11 June is crucial.

* The EU has a longstanding commitment to a just and comprehensive resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, based on the two-state solution, with the State of Israel and an independent, democratic and viable State of Palestine. This was constantly EU position, well before the October 2023 attack.

* The EU will continue its strong support to Palestinian state building and strengthening Palestinian institutions and their capacity in preparation for future statehood.

* The EU is here to help Jordan and the whole region; we are part of the solution.

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