“AmmanNet” published the draft Fatah-Hamas document on elections

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AmmanNet publishes the text of the Hamas-Fatah agreement which appears to be the basis of the letter from Ismael Haniyeh to president Abbas which led to the publication of the Presidential decree for legislative elections on 22 May, followed by presidential elections on 31 July and completion of Palestine National Council by the end of August 2021.


The following text from a Palestinian source who asked to be anonymous was discussed in Turkey and Cairo and is the basis of the exchange of letters between Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh and President Mahmoud Abbas. It is not clear if it had any slight last-minute changes or not but reliable Palestinian sources say it is unlikely any changes occurred to it :



Draft Fatah-Hamas Agreement about elections




· The PLO is the sole, legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and is responsible for all external political issues and negotiations as well as all issues related to war and peace. This requires its reform and strengthening so it can become truly representative of all Palestinian factions and groupings and for its decisions to be collective and mandatory to all.


· The Palestinian Authority is a governmental agency that provides services, keeps peace and order. The three sectors of executive, legislative, and judicial must be separated. Freedom of expression and democracy must be enhanced.


· Agreement reached on sharing of surplus votes in the elections. Also, agreement to set up a national unity coalition government which will have total control of all Palestinian areas totally. They will work on unifying laws and institutions and have security control over all areas and resolve the issue of weapons of factions, government lands, corruption files, and the abuse of authority in the West Bank and Gaza.


· Cooperation will be offered to all lists so that all can be represented and share in the running of the country and solve its security and economic problems.


· Preparing the right environment supported by the two factions to the coalition government and to help in resolving all problems with all other factions and groupings.


· One of the main goals of the coalition government are the rebuilding of Gaza and reaching a long-term ceasefire (hudna) with the occupation so as to prepare the groundwork for the government to rebuild Gaza.


· Working on revamping the Gaza airport and all crossings permanently and to reestablish the security corridor between Gaza and the West Bank according to 2005 redeployment agreement.


· Revisiting the Palestinian political structure especially the roles of the president, the government, and the Legislative Council. It is either a presidential structure or a parliamentary one. The hybrid is a source of conflict over responsibilities. It is preferred that this takes place before the presidential elections.


· Agreement that election campaigns must be civilized, respectful and avoid abuse, libel from all sides.


· Recognizing the results of the elections no matter what they are and working towards a the coalition government that can carry its responsibility.

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