Kuttab: Netanyahu was forced to come to Jordan

الرابط المختصر

In an interview with the I24 TV network, Daoud Kuttab said that Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu was forced to come to Jordan and make concessions. Kuttab said that King Abdullah II only agreed to host the newly elected Israeli leader after high-level assurances from the US, UAE, and Egypt. The assurances came from senior national security and intelligence services. Netanyahu brought with him the head of the Israeli intelligence service the shin bet and the head of the Jordanian general intelligence service were in attendance at the high-level meeting.

In his interview, Kuttab said that Netanyahu agreed to respect the 2014 understanding in which John Kerry supervise it must be known that the 2014 understanding included a number of issues that the Israelis have not committed to. While the understanding stated that al Aqsa is for Muslims to pray and for all others to visit, the subtext of the second half was focused on Israelis who were allowed to visit so long as they visit in small groups, that no repeat visitors be allowed and that no known extremists who have an agenda further than a visitation one be allowed. It is for the lack of respect for these last commitments that the King had refused to take calls or meet with Netanyahu

for years. The meeting in Amman on January 24th was aimed at revisiting these commitments and other issues of peace in the occupied territories and ensuring that they are respected, he told the I24 TV news station.

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