Who is Yahya Ababneh?

Who is Yahya Ababneh?
Who is Yahya Ababneh?
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AmmanNet has investigated a Jordanian individual called “Yahya Ababneh,” the author of a report on American website Mint Press News claiming that a Saudi prince and the Syrian opposition were responsible for the chemical strike on East Ghouta in Damascus.

The Jordan Press Syndicate told AmmanNet that Ababneh is not a member, nor has he been published on any Jordanian websites. Search engines yield no results for any news material published in his name, except one article in the Israeli Jerusalem Post. Published on September 2, 2013, the piece calls for rapprochement between Israelis and Jordanians and identifies Ababneh simply as a “Jordanian journalist.”

Additional research shows that Ababneh was involved in a cultural development institution and that he worked as a tour guide, as well as a teacher of Arabic to non-native speakers.

AmmanNet acquired Yahya Ababneh’s private telephone number, but he did not answer any calls.

The blog Al-Bab revealed that Yahya Ababneh is also known as “Yan Barakat.” Before the article was published, he used this name to state on Facebook that he’d met some Russian officials in Damascus and acquired information about the chemical attack in Ghouta from them. This was not mentioned in the internationally read report published on Mint Press News.

The report cited Syrians in Ghouta saying that the chemical attack came from the Syrian opposition to the regime and that Saudi prince Bandar bin Sultan had provided the chemical weapons.

A legal adviser at the Jordanian embassy in London named Sufian Ababneh endorsed Ababneh on his LinkedIn page for, among other things, his skills in “theater acting.”

Al-Bab also published pictures of Ababneh working in theatrical performance.

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Translated by Alice Su. Click  for original in Arabic.

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