SRF highlights radio program helping Egyptian migrants in Jordan

الرابط المختصر

Swiss National Radio highlighted the work of Radio al Balad in a radio feature that dealt with how radio is helping Egyptian migrants in Jordan. 

Susanne Brunner the Amman-based correspondent for SRF visited the Ammani radio station and spoke to the station’s founder and reported on the popular radio program Mahatat Masr a program dedicated to Egyptian migrant workers. The German speaking broadcast is heard by nearly 800,000 people, SRF reporters say.

Brunner’s report included an interview with the radio’s founder Daoud Kuttab. It also included short interviews with the program’s anchor Sara Ghanam and Bazz Mohammad talking about how the radio program is trying to help disenfranchised Egyptians who suffer from lack of representation or serious effort to resolve their problems. She also quoted Mohammad Zeiod who was interviewed on the program about ways that the Jordanian ministry of labor is trying to address some of the Egyptian worker’s grievances.

The 5.21-minute radio features were introduced on the RSF site as follows: “In Jordan, a radio broadcast is aimed at hundreds of thousands of Egyptian guest workers in the country. People who are often exploited by their employers and do not know where to get help. Thanks to this program, politics is now also taking care of the problems of guest workers.”

Henrich Boll Stiftung a German foundation connected to the Green party is providing partial support for the migrant radio program

Over a million Egyptians live and work in Jordan, a country of ten million inhabitants. A similar number of Syrian refugees also live in Jordan.


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To hear the Radio Balad program in Arabic 


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