Journalists’ freedom center criticized orders to bar local publication

The Center for defending the freedom of journalists has expressed its opposition to the orders and decisions barring publications which it considers a restriction of the freedom of expression and media.

CDFJ said in a statement that it is understood that the ban on publication is restricted to minutes of investigations so as the publication will not affect the pursuit of justice. But the widening of the ban on publications result in the absence of vital information from reaching the public and this disruption in the flow of information affects the credibility of people and is considered prior censorship which contradicts the international  standards for press freedoms.

The Center said that the absence of local national media from covering the issues connected to the teacher’s union affects the image of Jordan and results in the public not trust their own media. As a result, this means that information will be obtained from foreign sources instead of local ones.

Ignoring of keeping information about events is impossible in the information resolutions and the expansion of the role of social media. This is why such orders against publication can’t be enforced or executed and the only party that will suffer will be local media.

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