Jordanian media organization wins google news initiative

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A Jordanian organization has been selected for the coveted Google News Initiative 2021. The Amman-based Community Media Network (which runs radio al Balad and was selected to help produce “rabet” a visual map of key decision-makers in Jordan through collecting data on them, and illustrating the connection between them, based on their family, work, business, or other connections.

Daoud Kuttab director general of Community Media Network said that Rabet will be a tool to increase transparency. “This is a godsent to journalists and others who need to better understand relationship in a small country. Rabet which will visualize relationships of decision making in Jordanian society and public sphere and will be made available to news rooms as well as to others in the public and private sectors. “

Tareq Abu Ragheb director of the Media Commission, welcomed the success of a Jordanian institution in breaking through the virtual world. “We are very proud of Jordanian success and we consider that the success of Community Media Network to win the google news initiative contest is a sign of the leading role that Jordanian media and technology institutions have accomplished.”

Ahmad Hanandeh · Minister of digital economy and entrepreneurship at the Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship applauded the success calling it a win for all Jordanians. “Once again Jordanians have proven that they are leaders in the technical field.”

It is expected that Jordanian programmers and researchers will work on this project which the initiators hope to expand to other areas once it is tested and successful in Jordan

In a press released issued from its Dubai offices Google said that 14 different countries have won the award. “Today, we’re announcing $2.1 million in funding to projects and initiatives in 14 different countries. Recipients include startups and online-only media platforms alongside some of the bigger names in news across the region, and cover topics ranging from audience development to virtual reality storytelling. We placed an emphasis on projects that reflect and demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in the news industry.”

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