How has the pandemic changed the world?

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 in late 2019, a new disease called coronavirus has occurred. It began in China and made its way world-wide as a strong virus, considered as a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization).

 First, Covid-19 has changed the way people live, inside and outside their homes. It also stopped most adults and children from going to school and from going to work, but instead they have conference meetings, the adults have the conference meetings, while the students have distant learning and have lessons with their teachers online.

 Then, the new lifestyle when people go outside their houses, they should wear face masks and stay at least six feet away from each other to keep distance and to stay safe, but the biggest event is the lockdown which was imposed by the government, it is a temporary lockdown maybe lasts a few days.

 Finally, some people think that Covid-19 isn’t actually real. From some research I found out that there are many indicators that it is around. 

In my opinion, I see the positive side for students, they can watch their classes if they miss them and can avoid bullying. I think this disease has strengthened our generation.


*majd Nine years student in fourth grade


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