Himam Holds regular meetings in solidary with CMN

Himam, a Jordanian civil society coalition, held its regular monthly meeting at the offices of Community Media Network (CMN)  in a sign of solidarity with the organization, a founding member of HIMAM.

Abeer Issa Mdanat the coordinator of Himam said that the coalition supports its member organizations as well as other civil society organizations in Jordan that face restrictions. “Himam is working on widening the space for civil society and ensuring it works on the basis of good governance as well.”

Director General of CMN Daoud Kuttab and director of Radio al Balad Etaf Roudan welcomed the visitors and thanked them for their support.

Most of the members of the HIMAM leaders attended the meeting which also included an update on the invitation of the UN rapporteur for freedom of expression, a discussion on revising the internal by-laws, the update on the invitation t and other issues related to the organization’s internal relations.

Himan was established in March 2015 and is made up of twelve active civil society organizations most of which are focused on human rights. Its senior members meet regularly to follow up on their own strategy and review the status of civil society with an eye on looking for ways to strengthen the role of civil society in Jordan.



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