EU and Member States' largest financial supporter to Jordan

الرابط المختصر

The European Union Ambassador to Jordan, H.E. Maria Hadjitheodosiou, who is now serving her fourth year, told Rotarians that the EU and Jordan enjoy a strong partnership that was recently reinforced with the new Eu-Jordan Partnership Priorities that were adopted in June 2022, highlighting the joint ownership and the ambition to further strengthen the cooperation between the two partners.

The Ambassador told a joint meeting between the Cosmopolitan Club and Rotary Club of Amman on Wednesday that the EU, which recently celebrated its 43rd anniversary in Jordan, with its 27 Members States is one of the largest financial supporters to Jordan.

She added that the European Union is very active in helping Jordan overcome many of the challenges it is facing, including the water scarcity issue as well as supporting the Kingdom with its political and economic modernization process.


On the Palestinian issue, Hadjitheodosiou stressed the EU’s commitment to achieving the two-state solution, as well as its support to the Palestinian people and the peace process, including through its direct financial contributions to UNRWA.

A statement by the club said that the Ambassador spoke eloquently about the vital EU support to Jordan in many sectors including strengthening good governance, the rule of law, education, water management, political and social reforms as well as future planning for the development of the country.

Furthermore, she explained the time-consuming process of reaching a united position within the EU, since it involves the approval of all Member States, which could vary in intentions however this unified consensus approach is a strength for the EU policies and actions.

A relatively large crowd attended the meeting that ended with questions and answers.

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