A documentary video critical of the Vatican’s financial policy focuses on American Jordanian

الرابط المختصر

A Jordanian-American businessman is recruited to help launch a new Catholic university in his native country. When he refuses to green-light several questionable multimillion-dollar business deals, the Vatican sacks him, confiscates his property, breaks its contracts with him, and drives him out of his country in disgrace. He's suing the Holy See and nearly 20 other defendants for $31 million, in a California court. Just one more incident in the long history of the Vatican Bank's financial scandals.

The video is produced by the Detroit, Michigan-based  St. Michael's Media a conservative Catholic organization founded by Michael Voris which operates as a lay apostolate and news website in Michigan under the officially-registered assumed name of Church Militant via the website ChurchMilitant.com. It is a Michigan 5014 corporation

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