Denmark is considering laws criminalizing religious book-burning

AmmanNet has learned that the Danish government is considering a solution to the issue of the burning of the Holy Quran. The governmental parties have never appreciated Quran burnings, but they had a great problem finding a solution since they did not want to limit freedom of expression.


Anders Jerichow a senior Danish journalist told AmmanNet that “finally they have decided that Quran burning is not part of freedom of speech. So  rather than trying to limit the freedom of speech of others and a sort of bullying of what is holy to others, they came up with a new piece of legislation that bans public burning of holy books and items holy to religions, banning at the same time to tread publicly on holy books.”


The veteran Danish columnists believe that the government of Denmark will present a bill that prohibits “improper treatment of objects with religious significance for a religious community”.


The bill will make it a crime, for example, to publicly burn the Quran, the Bible, or the Torah, etc. It will aim at burnings in public places and the intention of spreading this ‘message’ to a wider circle, he said. Violations can be punished with a fine or up to two years in prison.


Several Quran burnings done by a very limited number of extremists have taken place.  Most Danes according to polls are against the phenomenon. And media only rarely covers the burnings. But the government is afraid of coverage of burnings in the Muslim world.

Jerichow also says that another set of legislation against racism and the incitement of hatred, covering religious and ethnic minorities, including Muslims, Jews, Roma, etc. is being considered.” It is locally called the ‘Racism paragraph, 266b’ Violations can lead to fines or imprisonments up to two years as well.”

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