The deal of the century..Jordanian rejected what is the next step

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Soon after the disclosure of the American deal under trump’s presidency, known as “the deal of the century”. Several angry Palestinian and Jordanian local protests broke out to protest the deal for what it holds of the many dangerous political escalations within the region. Many questions rose on how to deal and stop president trump’s plan.

As an early and a first reaction to the plan, Minister of foreign and expatriate affairs, Mr. Ayman Al Safadi, has confirmed the consistency of the Jordanian political position on the Palestinian right’s affair and the Palestinian cause which is based on a “two-state solution” and building the foundation of an independent Palestinian state on the boundaries of the 4th of June agreements with eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

M.r Al Safadi warned of the dangerous escalations of any mono Israeli- decisions that aims to create new realities, such as consuming Palestinian lands and further expanding Israeli-settlements on Palestinian turfs in the west bank, and violating holy sites in eastern Jerusalem.

Majeed Asfour, a political analyst, has said that the deal is considered since its inception for the many contradictions it holds, based on Netanyahu and Trump’s plans specifically in regards of Jerusalem, the Palestinian state and the Palestinian refugees’ files.

Asfour confirms the illegitimacy of such a deal, as it annihilated all previous international decisions and agreements, and he expects that the deal will not pass, and its similar to any previous conspiracies against the Palestinian people’s cause.

In addition, “Abla Abu Olba” the general secretary of “Hashd” political part has warned of the severe effects of this deal on the Palestinian cause and the region in general as it serves Israel’s agenda to establish “greater historical Israel” map.

“Abu Olba” has also explained to “Ammannet” that it erases any rights the Palestinian have to return to their homes, and what the deal’s implications resulting in the localization of Palestinians in Jordan and the rest of the neighboring countries.

Furthermore, the consultation committee meeting of the Jordanian senate led by the senate’s speaker, Mr. Faisal Al Fayez, has consulted regarding the “deal of the century” announcement and that any future peace agreements must guarantee the consistent rights of the Palestinian people to establish their own state on Palestinian soil and on the boundaries of the 4th of June peace agreement of 1967, otherwise they would be stagnant and random and would only result in feuds and violence in the region.

Accordingly, the speaker of the Jordanian house of commons, has strongly denounced trump’s plan, calling it “mono and biased towards the Israeli part” in which it included the full US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the consumption of the valley’s territory to Israeli lands.

The Palestine parliamentary committee has also denounced the deal and called out the Arab nations to stand together in a unified front in support of the Palestinian’s rights of establishing their own state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The head of the committee, Mr. Yehya Al Soud, has described what the deal holds as “disappointing” and considering the United states as an accomplice to the Israeli occupation, and it must comply to the international and UN decisions in regards of the legitimacy of the Palestinian people’s cause.

Parliamentary and public protests outside of the US embassy:

Parliamentary and public protesting events have been organized outside of the American embassy in Amman to denounce the US’s new plan, yesterday, to express their frustration on the “deal of the century”.

Protestors have also requested from the government to manifest the king’s rejection of the plan, as well as cancelling the Israeli-gas deal and to reconsider any future agreements with the Israeli occupation.

In a poll created by “Ammanet”, the Jordanian public has also expressed its denial of what is known as “the deal of the century “confirming the Palestinian and the Jordanian stance on confronting it.

Moreover, The National Forum of Nationalist and Leftist Parties will be holding a protest outside the US embassy as well as several public initiatives will take place in the Palestinian refugee camps across the kingdom to also express their rejection of the deal.

The national parties’ forum has also announced, along with other Jordanian parties, to conduct a peacefully march in Amman’s vital downtown to protest the deal next Friday also, which will initiate from the Husseini mosque’s premises, and that is to express their denouncement of what they called “an ominous deal”.

On The Palestinian front:

The Palestinian public continues, for the second consecutive day, its protest on the deal, during of which, many confrontations between occupation forces and Palestinian civilians have occurred.

Simultaneously, a general has occurred across Gaza strip with black flags raised in many parts of the strip to denounce trump’s deal.

The general secretary of the national initiative Palestinian party, Mr. Mustafa Al Barghouthi, has confirmed that Jordan and Palestine are the most effected countries by the deal, more so than the rest of the neighboring estates.

In a response, the Palestinian journalist, Khalil Al Asaly, that specializes in the Palestinian political affairs, has stated that the general public’s reaction is not out of the ordinary, especially, that the PLO’s steps are still not yet clear on what they will exactly do to confront the deal.

Al Asaly has also expressed that the Palestinian public will be concerned if the inner-political divisions were not cleared out which will weaken the front against Trump’s deal.

Earlier to that, the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, has announced in an urgent meeting which included different Palestinian parties, that he refuses the new American plan in which it targets all of the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights.


Translation: Ismail Samhan

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