Community Media Network and JONAF Launch awareness campaign

الرابط المختصر

Community Media Network and the JONAF coalition launched a media awareness campaign that will include video spots, news bulletins, and a daily radio program. The campaign will be distributed through media outlets throughout Jordan under the auspices of the Jordan News Network.

Etaf Roudan director of Radio al Balad which anchors the daily radio program said that the goal of the campaign is to protect Jordan from the spread of the coronavirus. “One of the most important ways to protect people is to convince the average person in Jordan to follow medical advice and to stick to credibly sourced information rather than following unsubstantiated rumors.

Samar Muhareb coordinator of the Jonaf coalition said that community awareness is one of the pillars of the coalition. She said “Within the coalition, we work with tens of local civil society organizations, international agencies and government ministries to deal with the basic humanitarian needs but at the same time we need the entire community to help in stopping the spread of this virus by adopting changes in their lifestyle and by following the advice of health experts and public officials.”

As part of the campaign radio al Balad launched the Jordan News Network which includes community radio stations throughout Jordan including Voice of Karak, Farah el Nas, Voice of Dleil, Madaba Hawana and others.” A radio program is entitled Let us defeat Corona will be broadcast daily on the network stations dealing in depth with issues and ways to deal with the virus and to raise public awareness.

The first episode broadcast produced and presented by Etaf Roudan and Mohammad Ersan dealt with the danger of stereotypes connected to the coronavirus. A video in support of the people of Irbid is also being produced under the title: the cloud will disappear…. We are all Irbid in which public personalities, sports and art celebrities as well as religious leaders make encouraging statements in support of the hardest-hit community in Jordan.


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