Jordanian notables urge gov’t to resist pressure to join Arab-Israeli normalization


A group of 212 notables signed a Tuesday letter to Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh urging him to continue resisting pressure for Jordan to join in Arab states’ normalization of Israel.

The signatories included former deputy prime minister Muhammad Al-Halayqa, former cabinet ministers, current and former members of parliament, tribal chiefs, army veterans, university professors, journalists, legal advocates, and political activists.

The letter criticized the “Arab, regional, and international pressures that Jordan has been exposed to in recent times, aimed at enlisting it in the parade of normalization and the Abraham Accords, under cover of ‘regional cooperation projects’ and ‘economic peace,’ through false promises of economic prosperity.”

It cited the refusal of Jordan and the Palestinian Authority to join the Negev Forum in March 2022, and the pressure on them to attend follow-up summit in Rabat, Morocco next March.

These pressures come “in light of the escalation of the extremist and racist policies of the right-wing, fascist Zionist government,” the statement said, citing attacks on Jordanian identity, attempts to undermine the Hashemite custodianship over Jerusalem’s holy sites, expansion of Israeli settlements, and “conspiracies” to “destabilize the region.”

The letter praised Jordan’s “wise leadership, supported by a united front internally,” for rejecting former U.S. president Donald Trump’s plans to allow Israeli annexations in the West Bank and the “strong position” Jordan took against moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

“We are called upon today to strengthen our perseverance, confirm our refusal to pass any political or economic projects that threaten our existence or interests, violate our national sovereignty, or seek to break up our internal front,” it continues. “Today more than ever, we need to close ranks, strengthen our internal front, integrate official and popular positions, and father the elements of our national strength and resistance.”

The signatories urged the leadership to reject “policy choices that come at the expense of Jordan and harm the Palestinian cause,” but rather support “an honorable position that preserves our interests, role, leadership, and independence of our national decisions.”



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